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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Luda Lusa

Name: Luda Lusa



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Suspended on Elenas Models

Dear, XXXX.
thanks for letters it is pleasant to me to see them. I shall tell about myself not much. I modest enough girl brought up in village. Left school I have decided to continue the formation. The mistress of the house has acted in school on faculty. Me have learned to sew to prepare to grow up a garden to look after it. The trade certainly vital but with my appearance is not present an opportunity to work on whom that. I tried but men start to render me a lot of attention and it to not like their wives. I do not take offence have simply understood that I can apply the trade only in the family. Now I work in shop as the seller and I remove with the girlfriend an apartment. In the evenings we often go to cinema. I went by the last week to Moscow at date of a birth, it was first my travel I earlier where was not, but very much I want. I send you a photo. Write to me about the family. How call your parents? How you are frequent them see? With what your work is connected? Whether you were married? Your interests? What should be the woman in your ideal?
I was not anywhere, except for Moscow, but I very much would like on to travel. I hope that when нибудь I shall look the world. What machines like you?
From music I like to listen to Russian pop-music, and from foreign groups to me like Kaili Minog, Natalia Oreiro, Jenefer Lopes and others.
I have been born in Russia in village mari tyrec. I not the only child in family at me am the senior brother. In that to year it married, now it has a child. It has left for other city to live in a place with the wife and the son. My mum knows that I search for the husband through the Internet, it approves my desire. I tell all to it.
And to dance I has begun has simply seen the announcement in the newspaper and has decided to go on rates of dances and it has very strongly carried away. I liked to dance and now the free time повещаю to dances. I do not like to go for a drive on skis. In the winter at us it is a lot of snow. And many ski, санках.
Very much to like me work, I sell cellular telephones. I on work can correspond with you since while I have no the house of a computer. Our correspondence is very important for me. I with impatience shall wait from you for the letter. Lusa

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