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This category lists scammers who pretend to be single men and scam women, usually out of money. The typical story is a wealthy businessman who got somehow stranded in Nigeria and needs your financial aid to be able to come back to his home country where he promises to marry you.


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Dating scammer Edward Swann

Name: Edward Swann


Phone: 233-244-827-201

Dating scammer in Ghana

Other Comments:
Hi my love i have not heard from this morning, hope you and Mom are doing great.. Do you remember i told you i was expecting some business clients from Singapore, who i have been waiting for all this while and working on the documents for the gold that they are bringing to me here.. I just had a call from them that, they can not make it here due to circumstances, and besides that his wife was rushed to the hospital yesterday and she is in Coma now.. So they can't make it here and he is so sorry.. But whiles i was keeping in touch with them.. at the same time i was keeping in touch with other gold buyers from Different countries around the world.. God is so good that, one call i have been expecting from some Gold royals from Ghana, have finally call and wanted to deal the business with me.. Am so glad because, Gold is really cheap in prices in Ghana and i have been in touch with them for couple of months now.. And Thank God i had the call today and i was told my order is getting ready so i need to rush there, because there are many clients there to buy the Gold, and if any delaying it will be sold to another Clients...Am so happy about this becos it going to fetch me allot profit when i return back from this trip..So i will be away whiles you are on the Cruise and return back on the 10 August..But we will still be in touch every seconds,minutes,hours till my work is done there...

My love, let me tell you a little about the trip and why am excited. One bar of Gold cost $7,500 in Ghana and the state price is $15,000 one ballot of gold contains 30 bars of Gold and it cost $225,000 in Ghana and the state price is $450,000.. Am going there to purchase 4 ballots of Gold which is over 120 bars of Gold and is going to fetch us allot profit when i return back from the trip.. And this is why am excited and have been praying for this trip to happen.. God is so wonderful my love...

So am rushing to see the travel agent for the reservation so i can leave for the trip either tomorrow or exactly thursday..I will let you know when i will return back from the errands.. Hope to read from you my pretty queen.. So guess i will also be away whiles you go on your cruise. But i will return back on the 10th of August with kelvin so we can meet on the 12th, wow i cant wait to look into your pretty face and tell you i love you so much with all my heart and soul..

My love i will be going with my laptop and cell phone so we can keep in touch every second, minutes and hours till my work is done there and fly back to meet you together with kelvin.. Wow i just cant wait i miss you so much and have been thinking of you allot...Need to rush to see the travel agent and will e-mail you and let you know i will leave for Ghana okay.. Love you so much with all my heart and soul take care and stay bless looking forward to read from you when i get back..


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